+ About US

Meeting Needs and Making Whole

We long to see broken people made whole, which we pursue by being a bridge to the help they need


Holistic Support for the Unseen among Us

We feed the hungry and long to witness broken people made whole again. Serve LA…

Our goal is to be more than a meal, more than a shower, more than any of our services—but a ministry where we witness countless examples of how the compassion of Jesus changes everything.


Serving Time: 10:00-11:00 AM
Location: 4903 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles 90029


Serving Time: 5:00-6:00 PM
Location: 4903 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles 90029


Serving Time: Tues + Thurs 9:00 - 11:30am,
Location: 1313 N. Edgemont St. Los Angeles 90027

A man sitting at a table eating food.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”


Vision & Mission


Serve LA is seeking the renewal of Los Angeles by guiding the marginalized from suffering to flourishing and equipping others to do the same in their own neighborhoods.


We serve Los Angeles by providing meals, recovery, and holistic support to the unseen among us in the city.



A Story of Hope

In 1997, the church Hope International Bible Fellowship began receiving bread from Trader Joe’s and distributing it to the most marginalized people in Hollywood. By 2010, the 82-year-old church was providing a recovery ministry, collecting donated food from multiple local grocery stores, and distributing over four million dollars of food to the community every year. In 2018, God led Hope to join the younger Reality Church of Los Angeles and entrust Hope’s properties to them as a way for the ministry to continue its legacy of serving the surrounding community. The Hope church building became known as the Hope Center. By 2022, Serve LA (a ministry of Reality LA) was operating out of the Hope Center, ensuring it continues to be a place for holistic renewal in the heart of Los Angeles where outcasts are brought in, the wounded are made whole, and the hopeless find hope. The scope of that mission has grown to seek the flourishing and renewal of our entire city..

+ Team Members

Staff and Leadership

Serve LA’s leadership strives to support and equip the ministry to continue to impact our Hollywood and greater Los Angeles community in meaningful ways.

A man wearing a grey cardigan and black shirt.

Cesar Sotelo

Head Chef

A man in a green shirt is posing for a photo.

Izaak Salazar

Hospitality Coordinator

A smiling woman in a green t - shirt.

Valerie Varghese

Volunteer Support Coordinator

A man with a beard wearing a t-shirt.

Jeffrey Burnell

Stewardship Coordinator

A man in an orange shirt standing in front of a white background.

Ron Galpin

Ministry Coordinator

A man with a beard smiling in front of a white background.

Kyle Mueller

Program Director

+ Board Members

Board of Directors

A smiling woman wearing a colorful scarf.

Amanda Sattler

Board Member

A woman wearing a black coat and a black shirt.

Maggy Wong

Board Member

A man wearing a black shirt.

Jeremy Treat

Board Member

A man wearing glasses and a polka dot shirt.

Mike McIntire

Board Member

A man with a beard smiling in front of a white background.

Kyle Mueller

Board Member

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Community Engagement

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